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Search Submit Pro : Grow your business with Search Submit Pro

Grow your business with Search Submit Pro

Search Submit Pro gives you the tools to fine-tune your search marketing strategy. Expand your presence in the algorithmic search results, gain more control over the way your Web content is presented, and gain insight into user behavior to drive more sales.

Get more control over your search marketing messages

Search Submit Pro lets you create titles and descriptions that are displayed as algorithmic search result listings. The program can automatically generate result listings that best match user queries. You can update the information frequently, independent of changes to your Web site.
Be sure your content gets included

Search Submit Pro lets you include Web pages that might otherwise be excluded from algorithmic search results*. Examples include sites that require cookies or session IDs, sites with Flash content and information stored in content management systems, or sites that aren't well crawled because of Web site design. Search Submit Pro removes the guesswork and lets you decide which content should be included.

Keep your content and marketing messages fresh

You don't have to wonder if and when your Web site is updated in the algorithmic search results to reflect special promotions or changes in pricing or inventory levels. With Search Submit Pro, your content can be refreshed as frequently as every 48 hours or on a less frequent schedule that you choose.

Get in-depth marketing insight

Search Submit Pro features extensive reports that can be customized to your business metrics. You can use the data and tools to understand how and when search users are finding your Web site, measure return on investment and identify keywords and queries for sponsored search campaigns or other search marketing programs.

Get hands-on assistance

A dedicated account manager is available to answer any questions, provide technical support, and help you manage your Search Submit Pro program.

Search Submit Pro is typically for customers with search marketing budgets of $5,000 per month or more, or advertisers who submit more than 1,000 Web pages to the program.

Search Submit Pro increases your business' exposure in search results beyond sponsored search.
No keyword bidding required. Your Web site listings are displayed based on the relevancy of your site content to search terms.